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Chagrin Falls Jigsaw Puzzles

           Chagrin’s romance with jigsaw puzzles dates back to the 1930’s when the Jones family produced some of the most intricate wooden puzzles ever made.
           Even we were surprised at our customers’ enthusiasm when we expanded our puzzles to include 24 to 5000 piece editions. Moreover we’ve added a nice selection of wooden puzzles from England just like the ones our grandparents used to do.
             We currently stock puzzles from Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and the U. S. Now we’re stocking puzzles designed right here in Chagrin Falls.     
     Tiger Pride
by Terry Taggart
     The Bandstand by joAnne deHamel
     St. Christopher’s-by-the-River
by Itamar Gat
     Balloon Glow   by Itamar Gat
     The Federated Church   by Itamar Gat

           The Following have already sold out and become collectors’ legacy puzzles
     Chagrin Facades by Nancy Martt
     The Falls in Summer       
     The Falls II
by joAnne deHamel  
     Panorama by Nancy Martt (a unique 12x36incher)
     Worlds’ Best Book Shop   by Jenny Campbell
     Township Hall   by Tan Gillespie
     Main Street by Tan Gillespie
     Art by the Falls   by Lois Salmon Toole
     Chagrin Falls Triangle   by Tan Gillespie     
     Chagrin Hardware   by Florian K. Lawton,
     When Day Is Done   by Mary Ann Boysen
     The Falls   by Terry Taggart.
     The Popcorn Shop   by Mary Hobbs
     The Popcorn Shop   by joAnne deHamel
           The following 4 puzzles were made especially for fund raising; available exclusively through the respective churches:
     Bainbridge Community Church
by Itamar Gat
     Church of the Holy Angels by Norm Trepal
     United Methodist Church by Jeffrey Ashby
     Newbury United Community Church
           These will make great welcome-to-Chagrin gifts for new comers; or ‘sorry you’re not here gifts’ for folks who left town; and gifts for just about anyone you want to brag to. Really, does their hometown have 22 fine art puzzles???
           The puzzles are 18x24 inches (except the Panorama), have 500 pieces and are priced at $16.95; about the same as properly made mass-produced 500-1000 piece puzzles. To assure high quality we are using the same puzzle house as Will Moses and manufacturing to the same specifications. Call us for shipping info etc. 440.247.4050

The Falls in Summer

The Falls II

Balloon Glow

St. Christopher’s-by-the-River

Township Hall

The Bandstand

Federated Church

Popcorn Shop

World’s Best Book Shop


The Following Puzzles Have Sold Out

Tiger Pride



Art by the Falls


When Day Is Done


Chagrin Hardware

The Falls

Popcorn Shop

Chagrin Falls Triangle

Main Street

To Purchase the Following:  Please Contact Your Church

Chagrin Falls Jigsaw Puzzle

Bainbridge Community Church

United Methodist Church