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Night Heron
By Adam Brookes  $9.99
A fast-paced spy thriller set in China. Interesting characters, a complex plot and great dialogue. A great summer (or all-year) read.


Time’s Up: A Masie McGrane Mystery
By Janie Mack    $15
     For those of you who love Stephanie Plum, Maisie McGrane is the next best thing. Kicked out of the police academy (the only thing she ever wanted to do) Maisie is reduced to taking a job with the Traffic Enforcement Bureau, a.k.a. Meter Maid. Along with her huge and obnoxious family, a yummy ex-Army ranger and a lot of co-workers, straight from central casting, this book has it all. She’s clever, tough and tenacious. Her unspoken remarks will have you laughing out loud. Looking forward to the next one in this series.

What Angels Fear
By C.S. Harris     $7.99
     A wonderful fresh, fast-paced mystery set in pre-Regency
London. It also has a hint of history, romance and
humor which makes it my kind of mystery. I have read
all 6 books in the series and loved them all.

The Man From Beijing
By Henning Mankell     $15

If you loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, Mankell’s recent novel might be a good next pick. From a shocking massacre in Sweden, back 150 years to Nevada and forward to currenty day Africa and China, this global detective thriller will keep you guessing. A real page turner!


By C. J. Sansom    $17
This is the first installment in an excellent historical mystery series set in Tudor England (1540’s). The author has the uncanny ability of being able to immerse the reader in the events and scenery of that time. The others in the series are even better!

The Chicago Way
By Michael Harvey $14.95
     If you’re looking for a fast paced, well-written, mystery/thriller – you need look no further than this debut novel from Michael Harvey. One of the best that I’ve read this year.


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