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Chagrin Falls Stuff of Note

Three Chagrin Centric children’s books delightfully illustrated by local favorite Joyce Teeft

The Bullies Of Whitesburg Pond
by Joanne Fenton Humphrey.
         The author and the illustrator have found a way to make the subject of bullying interesting and even enjoyable in their new book which stars an unlikely underdog: a painted turtle named Bentley.

Chagrin Falls - Our Village Letter By Letter
by Heather Kessell Reeder
         This beautiful paperback provides illuminating historical facts about Chagrin Falls through each letter of the alphabet. (Look for "F is for Fireside Book Shop"!)

Chagrin Falls - Our Village Color By Color
by Heather Kessell Reeder.
         This is a black and white version of Chagrin Falls - Our Village Letter By Letter for your young children to color as they learn about our town.


Haunting Valley
by Bill Devol / Michael Seese  $16.95
     Local resident Michael Seese and his intrepid pal Bill Devol braved the musty basements, cobweb-infested attics, and sandwich shops of the Chagrin Valley to uncover these hidden or forgotten tales.
     The 59 stories in Haunting Valley represent 15 years of meticulous investigation, research, triple-checking, and editing.   Leaf through a copy and journey to a world of ghosts, witches, and spirits who live (??) right in your own back yard.

Ralph L. Quesinberry’s Q Factor
by Donald K. Evans $14.95
     Over a period of 35 years, Ralph Quesinberry, who started life in poverty and was orphaned at age 7, became one of the most significant influences on the young people of Chagrin Falls, a quaint little town in Northeast Ohio.
     Ralph was mentored by some very special people in the Tiffin Orphanage and later Bowling Green State University and he came to believe he should pass on his good fortune to others who similarly experienced misfortune in their youth.
     This is his story, told by one of the young men he mentored. Includes dozens of photographs from his youth and more than 100 testimonials from his students and fellow coaches.
Mail orders: Quiz c/o Fireside Book Shop; 29 N. Franklin St. Chagrin Falls OH 44022;  s&h $4.90 per address.

         Pam Spremulli’s prize winning Flag is still available. Priced from only $29.95 to $199.95 depending upon size (from 3 feet to 5 feet tall) with grommets for mounting.     Also available in poster format.
         It will make a great gift for your favorite Chagrinite either living here or there.  A College room decoration no-brainer.

Prices:  2x3 1 sided $29.95; 2x3 2 sided $69.95;  3x5 2 sided $199.95.      S&H $5 per address

History of the Chagrin Falls Schools
Volume I 1833-1960
by Tom Mattern ‘55    $25  

     Volume I of Tom Mattern's History of Chagrin Falls Schools with over 200 pages of stories and photos, beautifully illustrates his passion for the schools that he has known and loved as a student, teacher, coach, parent, alumni director, history buff and friend.
This quality hard bound publication is a must have for your library, and will be enjoyed by family, friends, alumni and history buffs alike who love and cherish this placed called Chagrin Falls.

     Volume II is currently in the works and you will want to have all volumes. All profits from the sale of this book will help to fund capital improvements for the Chagrin Falls Alumni Association.

Published by: Chagrin Falls Alumni Association
Graphic Design by TAGART STUDIO

Chagrin Falls: An Ohio Village History
by Laura J. Gorretta $45
A lavishly illustrated history of Chagrin Falls from the time of settlement to the present.
               Winner of the Ohio Historical Society Award of Excellence!!!

Chagrin Jigsaw Puzzles

         We now stock puzzles designed and  published right here in Chagrin Falls.
                               To See the Puzzles Click Here
Anyone you want to brag to? Really, does their hometown have 20+ art puzzles??? The puzzles have 500 pieces and are priced at $16.95; about the same as mass produced 500 piece puzzles.   

The Gamma Girls of Chagrin Falls
by Janet Kuivila   with illustrations by Jane McKelvey $10
     This is a charming story about a couple of 4th grade girls “who don’t fit in” --and don’t choose to--who find each other after one moves from Oregon to Chagrin.  The book explores the advantages of marching to your own drummer, which is what the psychologists call the Gamma personality.  A great gift as a read to--or with--or  for the independent reader.  Even if she is an Alpha, and especially if she is a Beta. And there is a 2nd in the series available to discerning readers.

The Tree That Took A Walk: A Chagrin Falls Christmas Fable
     by ET Thoryk
To celebrate the Millennium, Chagrin Falls raised its largest Christmas tree   ever, and one of the largest in the whole world. This delightful book is one woman’s version of how the tree grew up to be so beautiful and important.  And this book delivers a rare and inspiring modern day fable for kids of all ages. 

Chagrin Falls, a memoir by Gary Palmer $19.95
Gary, class of ‘58 had a growing up experience in Chagrin that differed from most of us.  A interesting read for folks who knew Chagrin in the 50’s and 60’s.

Chagrin...Whence the Name by Elizabeth Rodgers $5
The real, true, and allegedly factual story behind our unique name.

Non-Book items make great gifts for yourself or others              
     Chagrin Falls post cards and Christmas Cards.  And numerous Chagrin cards by Nancy Evans, Tan Gillespie, Mary Hobbs, Barbara Taylor et. al.

Calling Hours by Glenn Wyville  $12.95
     For mystery buffs and locals. A tale of intrigue in the mortuary business with lots of local color (including Stroud Lawrence) and a story that will keep you guessing until the very end.  

Carlo’s Vendetta by Glenn Wyville $13.95
     Takes off where Calling Hours ended.  A thrilling ride through
     Cleveland’s Mafia country as the new local Capo tries to
     make up for 3 years in jail by killing our hero who is a young
     undertaker working at Chagrin’s own Stroud-Lawrence.   

Letters from Papa by Glenn Wyville $6.95
     Glenn has compiled a group of stories he wrote for his
     grandchildren over the years. Each one includes an important
     lesson about growing up.  The stories have been edited with
     early readers (5-11) in mind and at the same time are
     just right for parents to read at bed-time to those not quite
     ready to read to themselves. The connection each story has
     to Chagrin along with delightful illustrations by Carla Guseilo
     will help engage the young reader’s interest.

Over The Falls by Dave Cockley & Herb Ascherman $5.95
     A sorely needed 2nd edition of one of Fireside Book Shop’s
     all-time favorites. A great story for kids about a child’s stuffed
     dog that is discarded and how he finds a new love. Wonder
     where Toy Story II got the idea?

Chagrin Falls Coloring Book by TagArt $5.95
     By local artistic celebrity, Terry Taggart, this is something our fans
     have been requesting for years.

Under The Popcorn Shop by Jim Vittek  $10.95
     Jim Vittek’s novel about growing up in Chagrin Falls.

Annie’s Anecdotes by Annie Huggett Gumprecht $7
     A compendium of delightful letters by Chagrin’s own Annie Gumprecht originally  published in the Historical Society’s newsletter. 

The Year That Trembled by Scott Lax $21.95
     Local author Scott Lax portrays the pains and pressures felt by
     a group of recent high school grads during one summer of
     the Vietnam War.  Recently released in theatres.
     Set in Chestnut Falls, Ohio, and filmed in Hiram.

Max’s Wild Goose Chase, Forever Home
Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way
Max And Annie’s Mysterious Campfire, Max’s Rules
The Artist
by Sandy Philipson with the stalwart help of the late Bob Takatch and the rarely early Jenny Camplbell.
     The eponymous Max and Annie are two wonderful dogs who have great fun and adventure in Chagrin but also a life threatening brush with cancer. Books are gaining national attention with particular interest for kids with cancer and other serious challenges. The movie is also available. These books are among the
‘Best in Show’. $17.95

Local Cookbooks by Local Authors

Cooking In The Chagrin Valley
by The Moreland Hills Women’s Committee  $14.50
     A new cookbook from the Moreland Hills Women’s Committee which is a non-profit social/service organization that raises funds for local charities and community improvements.  Filled with over 200 pages of recipes for all meals.

For Goodness’ Sake! by The St. Joan of Arc Women’s Guild $15
     A new cookbook from the St. Joan of Arc Women’s Guild which services the parish with spiritual, social, and service deeds for the benefit of the community. A collection of over 200 recipes from family, friends, and members of the community.

Hot from the Hive by Bee Woods $15.95
     Recipes from the kitchen of Bee Woods. It is a hardcover book with rings to add in pages, and includes appetizers, meats and desserts.

What’s Cooking in Chagrin Falls by Chagrin Falls PTO $12.95
     A cookbook with recipes from the community, family and friends of the local PTO, it also includes  sketches from the schools art students.



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